Preserve Your Memories With Our Photo Booth Rental Service in Pittsburgh

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An event or occasion of celebration is incomplete if it is not celebrated with lots of enjoyment, excitement and fun for everyone. In our lives there are certain social events and ceremonies that require carouse and revelry to make them rememberable for everyone. Weddings, anniversaries, sweet 16, graduation and birthdays are some of those events that must be full of entertainment and joyous moments. These are one of those magnificent occasions that do not happen every day, therefore they must be enjoyed to the fullest and what else can be better option than a photo booth to do that. All these occasions seem inadequate if there is no photo boot at the event venue. Photos and videos are most commonly used mediums for preserving valuable memories of celebrations that can be cherished later.

Everyone can click photos with smartphones but taking photos professionally is not an easy task because it takes skills and professional grade cameras to do so. Professional photography require skills, talent and efficiency and most of all it takes understanding of event and people in it to be able to capture stunning shots that are remembered by the host and guests forever. However, hiring a photographer can be expensive because they usually ask for lot of money just for few hours. In that situation opting for a photo booth rental can be your best option. You must have seen them at shopping malls and railways stations right? Well, these days people use them at their parties to bring the fun and entertainment element and also to do away with the need of hiring an expensive photographer.

We have both traditional and open air photo booth that are built with professional cameras, studio lights and sub-dye printers for excellent quality digital images and their prints as well. We are a Pittsburgh based photo booth rental company that provides service for events such as weddings, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can also opt for our DJ service and party sound system if you need a complete entertainment service for your events and parties. For more insightful details about our features, add-ons, and other stuff you can checkout our pittsburgh photo booth services that are categorized into different plans and packages for various event types.

Take a look at the benefits of hiring our photo booth service:

Great Entertainment Value – Photo booths are unlimitedly accessible for your guests as soon as the party gets started which gives them instant entertainment. Let’s be serious, no body likes to sit on the couch sipping their drinks and eating food all the time, because they need some fun activity to enjoy their time. This is where photo booth is a great option for hosts to give a time filler activity to the guests. For a host it is difficult to accompany guests all the time. Photo booth gives your guest freedom to go free and take as many photos as they like.

User-Friendly – Most photo booth these days (including ours) are designed and built to be extremely easy to use with user-friendly interfaces. They have touch screen panels that provides easy to follow instructions on how to use the booth to take photos. Just press or touch the start button and let the camera take over.

Fun Elements – Photo booth comes with lots of fun elements such as green screen, animated gif images and hilarious photo booth props that makes the whole experience so much more fun and exciting for everyone. You also get colorful backdrops to choose from and customized print templates on which photo strips will be printed for your guests and scrapbook.

Fast Digital Printing – For our booths we only use professional photo lab standard printers that are very fast and produce excellent quality photo prints that can be give as keepsakes to your guests. Our printers’ speed is unmatched as the standard time for each print is only 7-9 seconds.

Onsite attendants – Don’t worry about who will run the photo booth for you guests at the event venue because our professional very well trained attendant will take care of everything to ensure you guests have great time throughout the event while taking photos with our booths.